Once you taste these cookies you'll be hooked. So why not subscribe to our monthy cookie club!


$20 Package comes with 2 bags, 2 different kinds of cookies, with a total of 12 cookies.

Here is how it works:

-Each $20 package is equal to 1 item in your cart. If you desire to have more than 12 cookies each month, you can always add more than 1 item in the cart to adjust your subscriptions price setting. 

 -We will contact you via email you and ask you which cookies you would like to pick of the  month.

-Seasonal cookies will be a part of this monthly subscription as well as new recipes that Naoko may be trying!

1 in the cart - $20 subscription (2 bags of 6 cookies, 12 cookies total)

2 in the cart -$40 subscription (4 bags of 6 cookies, 24 cookies total)




Cookie Lover Club

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$19.40every month for 3 months
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$18.00every month for 6 months
  • Subscription for cookie lovers!!


    *This product is manufactured in a kitchen that also processes wheat and nuts. Therefore, we cleaned up, wipe up, wash up everthing before we start the gluten free / nut free/ soy free batches.