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McCormick's Bakery

           Hello there, My name is Naoko McCormick and welcome to my bakery! First, a little about me...


           I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan.

I met my husband while he was playing music in Japan one summer and we immediately fell in love! Soon after, I relocated from Tokyo to the United States where my husband and I got married and settled in Pasadena, CA.

Now we have expanded our family and have two beautiful sons! 


          In our house we have always strived to eat healthy, whole, organic food. I began baking years ago in our home, using these type of ingredients and experimenting with different things. 


Then, one afternoon my family and I attended a friends birthday party. As we all settled in to enjoy the sweet treats that were offered, I noticed one little boy who wasn't participating in the sweet feast. He looked so sad.....

So I asked him why he wasn't having and cookies or cake. My heart broke as he explained to me that he had celiac disease and couldn't enjoy any of it because it all had ingredients that would make him sick.

That day, my journey of creating recipes to make cookies that are HEALTHY, WORRY FREE yet DELICIOUS, began!!

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