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What's so different about our cookies?

Chocolate Chip Cookies



We have options


6 Dietary


Grass-Fed Butter
Organic Coconut Sugar
(*Except Nut Free batches) 
Organic Eggs
Sea Salt

Biodegradable packaging

We NEVER use
Regular Butter
Unhealthy Oils
Table Salt



About Us


Our goal is to deliver Gourmet Healthy Cookies that can fit any diet

My family and I went to a friends birthday party one day.

My heart was broken when i saw one little boy couldn't get to eat any of the desserts because he had Celiac Disease. 

That day, my journey of completing recipes to make cookies that are HEALTHY, WORRY FREE yet DELICIOUS began!!


 Our options


We only use GRASS-FED BUTTER for our standard cookies. Grass-Fed Butter has INCREDIBLE HEALTH BENEFITS, and adds rich flavor to the cookies

Vitamin A, K2, Omega -3 fatty acids, Carotene


Are you searching for a Gluten Free  cookie that has the TASTE and TEXTURE of the regular cookies you know and love?

Our Gluten Free products are what you've been searching for! Alway delivering scrumptious FLAVOR while giving you the TEXTURE you expect.

Nut Free

Our Nut Free cookies still have the same texture as our other cookies. 

You don't lose the "bite" with our   Nut free cookies

Because we want EVERYONE to enjoy our cookies  WORRY FREE!!

Vegan/ Gluten Free

Do you have double dietary restrictions?

We got you!!

We have Vegan AND Gluten Free options


Keto Diet is hard


But you are in the right place

We have Keto cookies that satisfy your cravings WORRY FREE!!

We are committed

to using only the 

highest quality  ingredients ...

All cookies are made by hand 

Because we are what we eat.... We want to make sure that even your snack is healthy!!


We ALWAYS use:

Grass-fed Butter

Organic Coconut Oil

Organic Coconut Sugar 

Organic Eggs

Sea Salt




We NEVER use:

Regular Butter or Margarine

Unhealthy Oils

Table Salt


Baking Ingredients
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